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Injection Class Fiber Class
PPS-hb PPS-hc

This series has excellent properties including high temperature resistance, nonpoisonous, flame resistance, chemical corrosive resistance, good electrical insulation and arc resistance. Especially it still has good electrical property under the condition of high temperature, high humidity and high frequency as well as low water absorption, easy processing, low mold shrinkage, good dimensional stability and arc resistance. But its tenacity is not so good unless modified material is added....[detail]

Field of application:

  • Chemical industry:filter material such as filter bag cloth for coal-fired boiler, cloth for papermaking machine, electrical insulation parts, electrolysis membranes, filter material for liquid and gas, high properties components of mat loop and packing material, fog resistance material and radiation resistance material.
  • Material-making industry fields:such as various high temperature resistance and insulation articles, corrosive resistance seal part
  • Can be used to make PPS modified material with excellent performance according to the need of market and customers in material-making industry.
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