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Mingju Plastics Company is a professional plastic company who specialized in engineering plastic, such as PPS resin, PPS compound, TPE,TPR, PEEK and etc. We have rich experience on the application and development of PPS and TPE product.With the advanced production equipment and talented technologist....>>


DYKJGF® PPS has excellent properties including chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, critical environment resistance, flame resistance, good electrical insulation, radiation resistance and good mechanical property.Melting point is above 280?Heat distortion temperature is above 260?long term using temperature is 220-240?high stiffness and surface hardness, Rockwell Hardness>100HR,Tensile Strength >170MPa, Flexural Strength >220MPa, notched Impact Strength >16MPa,Flexural Modulus>3.5×104,excellent creep resistance and anti-fatigue property...

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DEXXAN® TPE is specialiaed in compounding a variety of elastomer products on SBS,SEBS,TPU and TPV.In addition to gerenal grades,DEXXAN® could also tailor_make products to meet specific needs.DEXXAN® is a nontoxic,odorless and environmental friendly performance material.The hardnees is ranged from shore 00 0 to D 60.It could be appeared as opaque,translucent or transparent in nature colour. DEXXAN® also produces some special grades with excellent weatherability,heat and low temperature resistance.....

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