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Field of Application

sealing micro-electronic elements , connector , switch ,socket , coil grid , fine-tune capacitor , fuse seat

[ Machinery & Meter ]
pump shell, impeller, tile, gear, pulley, universal-joint yoke, gland bush, flange, counting device, water level, flow meter components.

temperature sensor, carburetor, carburetor pump, seat base, water chamber.

[Household electric appliances ]
electric fan, micro-wave oven frame, dryer, coffee pot, electric cooker, hair dryer, hair curler, hair iron, air-conditioned compressor.

[Military fields]
fighter plane/ missile fin, missile firebox, aviation /space flight / aero craft's connector /coil grid /gauge board et., in particular main components of the invisible fighter plane and bomber, nuke's anti- radiant components and parts, guns, helmet, shelter tent, vessel ,astronaut's articles, warship or submarine's components and parts, new type chariot of U.S.A (in producing) and plastic tank of U.K. (in experimenting)

[ Fiber & film ]
Mixed spinning with other synthetic fiber can get high property industry filter cloth and anti- radiant aerospace using cloth. PPS film is the best insulation material that can get F level. It can be used in capacitor , impedance electronic component, flat coil grid , cladding or covering matter of electric wire, membrane of vaporizer, temperature sensing printing material, soft magnetic disk, plate in electro photography.

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