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TPE Properties

DEXXAN® Thermoplastic Elastomer is a diverse family of rubber-like materials that unlike convertional vulcanized rubbers,can be processed and recycled like thermoplastics materials .DEXXAN® TPE provides funtional performance and properties similar to conventional thermoplastics rubber products. but can be processed with the speed,efficiency and economy of thermoplastics.and it offers excellent heat resistance, good wear abrasion resistance and weathering resistance.  Its property of non-poisonous, inodorous and eco-friendly make it widely used in the kinds of field.


  • Const/performance
  • Weight reduction
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Ease of processing
  • product quality and dimensional consistency

Field of application:

  • Caps & Clopsures,House wares,sporting Goods,Appliances
  • Wire & Cable,Automotive,Electrical & Electronics,Medical
  • Toys,Writing Instruments,Building & Construction,Footwear & Foot care,Oral care.
  • Wheels & Caters,Numerous other Consumer and industrial Applications.
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